Aaron - Famous people named Aaron

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Movie Actor

Age : 30

The Movie Actor who made an appearance in the 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' (2015). Also made an appearance in the movie 'Kick-Ass' (2010).

Aaron Paul

TV Actor

Age : 41

The TV Actor recognized for joining 'Breaking Bad' (2008).

Aaron Tveit

Stage Actor

Age : 37

The famed actor who made an appearance in Grease Live! (2016) and performed on stage as Gabe in a Broadway production of 'Next to Normal' (2008).

Aaron Carter

Pop Singer

Age : 33

The former teen pop sensation of the 90s with the hit album 'Aaron's Party (Come Get It)' (2000) that sold three million copies in the US. In addition, he was involved on the competition show 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Aaron Carpenter

Instagram Influencer

Age : 22

One of the most celebrated Magcon (Meet and Greet Convention) boys who appeared on Netflix's 'Chasing Cameron' (2016), the reality television show about a social media influencer and his circle. Also famed as a member of the online group 'Magcon Boys'.

Aaron Rodgers

Football Player

Age : 37

The Football Player famed as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Burriss


Age : 31

The Philippine-born American YouTuber and actor who appeared in 'Prom Knight' (2020), 'The Commute' (2016), 'Where is My Romeo?' (2018).

Aaron Doh

TikTok Star

Age : 25

A comedic Texas-based social media star who gained wide recognition with his TikTok post 'When you don't know your girlfriend is filming you' that gained almost eight million views.

Aaron Judge

Baseball Player

Age : 28

The Baseball Player popular to fans as a part of 'New York Yankees' who is also notable for his huge size.

Aaron Chalmers

Reality Celebrity

Age : 33

The Reality Star seen by viewers on 'Geordie Shore' (2011). Not to mention, Aaron Chalmers also had an involvement on the TV show 'Ex on the Beach' (2014) as well.

Aaron Burr

Vice President

Age : 80 (deceased)

The third Vice President of the United States who killed political rival Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Aaron Ash


Age : 29

The YouTube Star who gained fans by playing 'Five Nights at Freddy's'.

Aaron Ramsey

Soccer Player

Age : 29

The Soccer Player who joined the 'Arsenal FC'.

Aaron Goodwin

Reality Celebrity

Age : 44

The Reality Star seen by viewers on 'Ghost Adventures' (2008).

Aaron Eckhart

Movie Actor

Age : 52

The American actor most distinguished for portraying Batman's most enduring enemy, Harvey Dent and his alter-ego, Two Face, in 'The Dark Knight' (2008).

Aaron McGruder


Age : 46

The creator of the comic 'The Boondocks' and executive producer of its TV series adaptation.

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