Aj - Famous people named Aj

AJ Michalka

Pop Singer

Age : 29

The Pop Singer seen by viewers on 'The Goldbergs' (2013). Moreover, AJ Michalka also had an involvement on the TV show 'Schooled' (2019).

AJ Mitchell

Pop Singer

Age : 19

The YouTube sensation-turned-pop singer known for his widely-streamed singles 'Used To Be' and 'Slow Dance'.

AJ Lee


Age : 33

The female professional wrestler who rose to fame by playing her 'mentally unstable' character inside the ring.

AJ Pritchard


Age : 25

The Dancer who participated in competition show 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

AJ Cook

TV Actress

Age : 42

The TV Actress seen by viewers on 'Criminal Minds' (2005).

AJ Green

Football Player

Age : 32

The Football Player associated with the 'Cincinnati Bengals'.

AJ Shabeel


Age : 24

The YouTube Star who joined the 'Beta Squad'.

AJ McLean

Pop Singer

Age : 42

The Pop Singer associated with 'Backstreet Boys'.

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