Alex - Famous people named Alex

Alex Pettyfer

Movie Actor

Age : 30

The Movie Actor featured in the movie 'Magic Mike' (2012). Moreover, Alex Pettyfer was also involved in the movie 'I Am Number Four' (2011) as well.

Alex Wolff


Age : 23

The Drummer featured in the movie 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' (2017) and is seen by viewers on 'The Naked Brothers Band' (2007). Also seen by audiences in the movie 'Dude' (2018 ).

Alex O’Loughlin

TV Actor

Age : 44

The TV Actor recognized for joining 'Hawaii Five-0' (2010) and is seen by audiences in the 'The Back-Up Plan' (2010).

Alex Borstein

TV Actress

Age : 49

The TV Actress recognized for joining 'Family Guy' (1999). Moreover, Alex Borstein also had an involvement on the TV show 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' (2017) as well.

Alex Hirsch


Age : 35

The screenwriter and storyboard artist who was the genius behind the characters seen on the animated series 'Gravity Falls' (2012-2016).

Alex Wassabi


Age : 30

The internet celebrity who runs the comedy-focused channel Wassabi Productions.

Alex Guzman


Age : 19

The internet celebrity behind the YouTube channel called Blesiv.

Alex Lange

TV Actor

Age : 19

The actor and model who was once a member of the online group Team 10 and has appeared on the drama 'Code Black' (2015-2018).

Alex Ernst


Age : 24

The Streamy Award-nominated YouTuber for Best Writing.

Alex Aiono

Pop Singer

Age : 24

The famed YouTuber-turned-pop singer who is known for his singles 'Work the Middle' and 'Question'. Not to mention, Alex Aiono contributed to the creation of the song 'Alphabet Soup' (2013).

Alex Morgan

Soccer Player

Age : 31

The world-renowned American professional soccer player who ranked as among the leading scorers in the history of women's soccer in the US.

Alex Dorame


Age : 22

The YouTube Star who is known to be a part of the 'My Digital Escape'. Also famed as a member of the online group 'Our World Away'.

Alex Gaskarth

Rock Singer

Age : 33

The English tenor who found fame as the remarkable lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter of the rock band All Time Low.

Alex Turner

Rock Singer

Age : 34

The Rock Singer associated with 'Arctic Monkeys'. Not to mention, Alex Turner was regarded for working with the band 'The Last Shadow Puppets'.

Alex Rodriguez

Baseball Player

Age : 45

The former professional baseball's quarter-billion-dollar superstar, 'A-Rod'.

Alex Lawther

Movie Actor

Age : 25

The Movie Actor seen by viewers on 'The End of the F***ing World' (2017).

Alex Hook

TV Actress

Age : 19

The TV Actress involved in the TV show 'I Am Frankie' (2017).

Alex Demartino


Age : 27

The YouTube Star linked to the '00RemakeGirls'.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Soccer Player

Age : 27

The Soccer Player popular to fans as a part of 'Liverpool FC'.

Alex Jones

Radio Personality

Age : 46

The prominent radio show host of 'The Alex Jones Show' from Austin, Texas who emerged as one of the country's most popular conspiracy theorists.

Alex Bowen

Reality Celebrity

Age : 29

The Reality Star remembered for appearing on 'Love Island'.

Alex Ferguson

Soccer Coach

Age : 78

Famed as the longest-serving manager of Manchester United for 26 years.

Alex Pall


Age : 35

One half of the internationally acclaimed electronic musical duo called The Chainsmokers.

Alex Smith

Football Player

Age : 36

The Football Player associated with the 'San Francisco 49ers'.

Alex Angelo


Age : 20

The talented musician and singer who joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as their DJ.

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