Bobby - Famous people named Bobby

Bobby Flay


Age :58

Bobby Flay is a highly popular celebrity chef and TV personality known for his frequent appearances on the Food Network.

Bobby Lockwood

TV Actor

Age :30

Bobby Lockwood is an English actor known for his roles in House of Anubis and Wolfblood. He started his acting career at a young age, voicing Patch in 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure.

Bobby Shmurda


Age :29

Bobby Shmurda is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York who gained international fame with his hit song 'Hot Nigga' and is known as a pioneer of Brooklyn drill music.

Bobby Mares


Age :33

Bobby Mares, an American boxer, is renowned for his exceptional talent in the featherweight division, capturing multiple titles and delivering impressive performances.

Bobby Brown

R&B Singer

Age :55

Bobby Brown, a prominent figure in R&B music, gained recognition as the lead singer of New Edition and achieved solo success with hits like "My Prerogative", showcasing his talent and captivating stage presence.

Bobby Crosby


Bobby Crosby is a gamer and YouTuber known for his YouTube channel dodgerfilms, where he has gained over 1.5 million subscribers by playing sports video games. He also started his career as a comic book creator and writer. Not to mention, Bobby Crosby grew an audience through playing the videogame 'MLB: The Show' as well.

Bobby Burns


Age :27

Bobby Burns is an American vlogger who gained fame on YouTube for his movie, trailer, and album reviews.

Bobby Bones

Radio Personality

Age :43

Bobby Bones, born Bobby Estell, is an American radio and television personality best known for anchoring the nationally syndicated 'The Bobby Bones Show.' He came from humble beginnings, raised by a single mother in Arkansas and spent most of his childhood in poverty. Also took part on the competition show 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Bobby Lashley


Age :47

Bobby Lashley is a professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, and former United States Army sergeant known for his late-career rise to stardom.

Bobby Lytes

R&B Singer

Age :33

Bobby Lytes is a talented rapper and reality TV star.

Bobby Orr

Hockey Player

Age :75

Bobby Orr, a legendary ice hockey defenseman, transformed the game with his remarkable skating and offensive prowess, leading the Boston Bruins to Stanley Cup triumphs and etching his name among the NHL's greatest.

Bobby Moore

Football Player

Age :51 (deceased)

Bobby Moore, known as the 'golden boy of English football,' captained England to their only World Cup victory in 1966.

Bobby Roode


Age :46

Bobby Roode is a Canadian professional wrestler known for his 12-year tenure in TNA and winning the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

Bobby Maze

Basketball Player

Age :37

Bobby Maze is a former basketball player known for his successful college career with the Tennessee Volunteers.

Bobby Trusty

TikTok Star

Bobby Trusty, ex-NFL linebacker known for his hard-hitting tackles and impressive athleticism during his college and professional football career.

Bobby Horan

Celebrity Family Member

Age :57

Bobby Horan is the father of One Direction superstar Niall Horan and Greg Horan. He has no interest in living a life of luxury due to his son's success.

Bobby Lee

TV Actor

Age :52

Bobby Lee is an actor and comedian best known for his role on MADtv and his appearances in films like A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.

Bobby Charlton

Football Player

Age :86

Bobby Charlton, regarded as one of the greatest English footballers, survived a plane crash in 1958 and went on to have a successful career as a midfielder.

Bobby Norris

TV Actor

Age :37

Television personality known for his role on the BAFTA award-winning series The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE).

Bobby Berk

Interior Designer

Bobby Berk is an interior designer and TV personality, known for his expertise on Netflix's "Queer Eye".

Bobby Duke


Age :41

Bobby Duke is a sculptor and wood carver known for his popular YouTube channel, Bobby Duke Arts, where he shares his creations and tutorials. He has gained 1.6 million subscribers.

Bobby Darin


Age :37 (deceased)

Bobby Darin was a versatile entertainer known for his musical talent and acting skills.


Character | Rapper

Age :27

Bobby is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and member of iKon. He is known for his work with the sub-unit MOBB.

Bobby Womack

R&B Singer

Age :70 (deceased)

Bobby Womack, known for his soulful voice, made hits like "Lookin' for a Love" and "Woman's Gotta Have It".

Bobby Jones


Age :69 (deceased)

Bobby Jones, a legendary amateur golfer, achieved the remarkable feat of completing the Grand Slam in 1930, winning all four major championships in a single year. His exceptional talent and sportsmanship left an indelible mark on the sport, solidifying his status as one of the greatest golfers of all time.

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