Boris - Famous people named Boris

Boris Johnson

Political Figure

Age : 56

The controversial politician who holds a disreputable image being 'the worst in British politics' as labeled by 'The Economist' (2008) who serves as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2019) .

Boris Karloff

Movie Actor

Age : 81 (deceased)

The horror film actor who played Frankenstein's monster in a string of 'Frankenstein' movies and 'Imhotep' in 'The Mummy' (1932).

Boris Yeltsin

Political Figure

Age : 76 (deceased)

The first post-Gorbachev President of Russia (1991-1999) who rose to fame as an anti-establishment figure.

Boris Becker

Tennis Player

Age : 52

The former World No.

Boris Pasternak


Age : 70 (deceased)

The Nobel Prize-winning author of the novel 'Doctor Zhivago' (1957), which has been included in the Russian school curriculum since 2003.

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