Cameron - Famous people named Cameron

Cameron Boyce

TV Actor

Age : 20 (deceased)

The versatile actor who portrayed Luke Ross in the comedy series 'Jessie' (2011-2015) and appeared in the film 'Grown Ups' (2010-). Moreover, Cameron Boyce was remembered for appearing on the TV show 'Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything' (2015) as well.

Cameron Diaz

Movie Actress

Age : 48

The American actress who played the title character in 'There's Something About Mary' (1998). In addition, she was featured in the movie 'Charlie's Angels' (2000).

Cameron Monaghan

TV Actor

Age : 27

The talented 'Gotham' (2014) actor best known for his character in TV's Shameless (2011) and 'Son of Zorn' (2017). Not to mention, Cameron Monaghan drew attention through the movie 'Vampire Academy' (2014).

Cameron Ocasio

TV Actor

Age : 21

The TV Actor involved in the TV show 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' (1999) made an appearance in the 'Sinister' (2012).

Cameron Dallas

Instagram Influencer

Age : 26

One of the most noted online personalities who starred on his own Netflix reality show 'Chasing Cameron' (2016). Not to mention, Cameron Dallas was also involved in the movie 'Expelled' (2014).

Cameron Lynn


Age : 33

The Wrestler seen by viewers on 'Total Divas' (2013).

Cameron Brodeur

TV Actor

Age : 18

The TV Actor seen by viewers on 'The Umbrella Academy' (2019).

Cameron Fuller


Age : 27

The Model involved in the TV show 'The Last Ship' (2014).

Cameron Kennedy

TV Actor

Age : 27

The TV Actor involved in the TV show 'My Babysitter's a Vampire' (2011).

Cameron Seely

Movie Actress

Age : 13

The Movie Actress who made an appearance in the 'The Greatest Showman' (2017). Also made an appearance in the movie 'The Grinch' (2018).

Cameron Bills

Twitch Streamer

Age : 23

The Twitch Star who gained fans by playing 'League of Legends'. Moreover, Cameron Bills grew an audience through playing the videogame 'Rocket League'.

Cameron Seeley

Movie Actress

Age : 24

The Movie Actress seen by audiences in the 'Pitch Perfect 3' (2017).

Cameron Smith

Rugby Player

Age : 37

The Melbourne Storm professional rugby player hailed for being one of the highest all-time points scorers as of 2019.

Cameron King

Movie Actor

Age : 18

The Movie Actor seen by audiences in the 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' (2016).

Cameron Mackintosh


Age : 74

One of the most influential theater producers renowned for producing the ultra famous shows 'Les Misérables', 'The Phantom of the Opera', 'Mary Poppins', 'Oliver!', 'Miss Saigon', 'Cats', and 'Hamilton'.

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