Demi - Famous people named Demi

Demi Moore

Movie Actress

Age : 58

The model and former songwriter who starred in 'Ghost' (1990) and was considered the highest paid actress in 1996's film history.

Demi Lovato

Pop Singer

Age : 28

The singer and actress behind the hit song 'Sorry Not Sorry' (2017) known for her documentaries 'Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated' (2017) and 'Louder Together' (2017). Also associated with the band 'The Jonas Brothers'.

Demi Burnett

Reality Celebrity

Age : 25

The Reality Star recognized for joining 'The Bachelor' (2002).

Demi Sims

Reality Celebrity

Age : 24

The Reality Star involved in the TV show 'The Only Way Is Essex' (2010).

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