Frank - Famous people named Frank

Frank Sinatra

Pop Singer

Age : 82 (deceased)

The singer of 'New York, New York' (1980) and leader of the Grammy-winning group of popular entertainers in Las Vegas called the Rat Pack.

Frank Oz

Puppet Master

Age : 76

The voice of Yoda in the 'Star Wars' series and Miss Piggy in 'The Muppet Show' who also directed 'Little Shop of Horrors' (1986).

Frank Welker

Voice Actor

Age : 74

The voice acting icon dubbed as the ‘King of Voices’ regarded for creating animal sounds.

Frank Iero


Age : 39

The former 'My Chemical Romance' guitarist who was also admired by fans as a part of the hardcore punk band called 'Leathermouth'.

Frank Gioia


Age : 27

The YouTube Star admired by fans as a part of 'Palaye Royale'.

Frank Lampard

Soccer Player

Age : 42

The Soccer Player who joined the 'Chelsea FC'.

Frank Sinatra Jr.

Pop Singer

Age : 72 (deceased)

The Pop Singer seen by viewers on 'Family Guy' (1999).

Frank Black

Rock Singer

Age : 6 (deceased)

Most commonly known as the frontman of the alternative rock band 'Pixies' before embarking on a solo career under the name 'Frank Black'.

Frank Gore

Football Player

Age : 37

The Football Player associated with the 'San Francisco 49ers'.

Frank Zappa

Rock Singer

Age : 52 (deceased)

The Iconoclastic rocker who was colloquially called as the godfather of comedy rock whose include 'Valley Girl' (1982), 'Dancin' Fool' (1979), 'My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama' (1969), and 'Brown Shoes Don't Make It' (1967).

Frank Capra


Age : 94 (deceased)

The multi-awarded American-Italian film director, writer, and producer notable for his 'rags-to-riches' story who rose to fame with his films 'It Happened One Night' (1934), 'You Can't Take It With You' (1938), and 'Mr.

Frank Miller

Comic Book Writer

Age : 63

The comics and graphic novel artist who did 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns' (1986), 'Daredevil' (1979), 'Ronin' (1983), and '300' (1998).

Frank Serpico

Law Officer

Age : 84

The whistleblowing New York cop who inspired the 1973 movie 'Serpico' starred by Al Pacino.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Age : 91 (deceased)

An influential American architect who incorporated his philosophy on organic architecture into his works such as the 'Fallingwater' (1939), 'Solomon R.

Frank Herbert

Fiction Writer

Age : 65 (deceased)

The Americal novelist and author behind the best-selling science fiction novel of all time, 'Dune' saga (1965-1985),.

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