Ivan - Famous people named Ivan

Iván Martínez

Instagram Influencer

Age : 21

The Instagram influencer known for frequently collaborating with his twin brother Emilio Martinez and their friend Beasley in running their YouTube channel Martinez Twins.

Ivan Rakitic

Soccer Player

Age : 32

The Soccer Player associated with the 'Barcelona'.

Ivan L. Moody

Metal Singer

Age : 40

The Metal Singer admired by fans as a part of Five Finger Death Punch.

Ivan Pavlov


Age : 86 (deceased)

The author of 'Conditioned Reflexes' and the physiologist behind the principle of classical conditioning.

Ivan Turgenev


Age : 64 (deceased)

The author of the novel 'Fathers and Sons' (1862) who is chiefly remembered today as a 'popularizer of Russian literature in the West'.

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