Jeffrey - Famous people named Jeffrey

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

TV Actor

Age : 54

The TV Actor involved in the TV show 'Grey's Anatomy' (2005) made an appearance in the 'Watchmen' (2009). Moreover, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was remembered for appearing on the TV show 'The Walking Dead' (2010) as well.

Jeffrey Wright

Movie Actor

Age : 55

The well-respected American actor known for portraying gifted characters, particularly James Bond's friend Felix Leiter in the 007 films 'Casino Royale' (2006), 'Quantum of Solace' (2008), and 'No Time to Die' (2020).

Jeffrey Dahmer


Age : 34 (deceased)

The American serial killer and sex offender also known as the 'Milwaukee Cannibal' infamous for his necrophilia, cannibalism, murder, and dismemberment cases.

Jeffrey Tambor

TV Actor

Age : 76

The tv actor seen by viewers on 'Arrested Development' (2003).

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