Joey - Famous people named Joey

Joey King

Movie Actress

Age : 21

The international actress recognized for her portrayal of Ramona Quimby in the 2010 film adaptation of 'Ramona and Beezus'; known for appearing in the movie The Kissing Booth (2018). Also made an appearance in the movie 'The Conjuring' (2013).

Joey Bragg

TV Actor

Age : 24

The TV Actor recognized for joining 'Liv and Maddie' (2013) and is seen by audiences in the 'Fred 3: Camp Fred' (2012). Moreover, Joey Bragg drew attention through the movie 'The Outfield' (2015).

Joey Birlem

TikTok Star

Age : 18

The online celebrity who became famous on the platforms TikTok and Instagram who also founded the collaborative YouTube channel called Joey and Taylor.

Joey Graceffa


Age : 29

The YouTube star who joined the 22nd and 24th season of the reality show 'The Amazing Race'.

Joey Klaasen

TikTok Star

Age : 21

The TikTok Star remembered for appearing on 'The X Factor (US)'associated with 'Forever in Your Mind'.

Joey Essex

Reality Celebrity

Age : 30

The Reality Star seen by viewers on 'The Only Way Is Essex' (2010).

Joey Gatto


Age : 26

The YouTube Star linked to the 'Settle Down Kids'.

Joey Fatone Jr.

Pop Singer

Age : 43

The Pop Singer admired by fans as a part of 'NSYNC'involved in the TV show 'Family Feud' (1976).

Joey Logano

Auto Racing Driver

Age : 30

The professional NASCAR Cup Series racer who represented Joe Gibbs Racing at the Sprint Cup Series in 2012.

Joey Itkin


Age : 21

The YouTube Star who joined the 'Malibu Surf'.

Joey Votto

Baseball Player

Age : 37

The Baseball Player who joined the 'Cincinnati Reds'.

Joey Jordison


Age : 45

The Drummer associated with 'Slipknot'.

Joey Montana

Reggaeton Singer

Age : 38

The former La Factoria singing member who went on a solo career and released the hit song 'Picky' (2015).

Joey Stamper

Rock Singer

Age : 29

The Rock Singer admired by fans as a part of 'Anthem Lights'.

Joey Cimorelli

Celebrity Family Member

Age : 15

The Family Member famed as a member of the band 'Cimorelli'.

Joey Bishop


Age : 89 (deceased)

A comedian member of the 'Rat Pack' (1950s), a Las Vegas-based group of entertainers, together with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Peter Lawford.

Joey Chestnut

Competitive Eater

Age : 37

Oddly famous for being the California native who consumed 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Joey Ramone

Punk Singer

Age : 49 (deceased)

A countercultural icon and the lead singer of punk rock band 'The Ramones' distinguished for the singles 'What a Wonderful World' (2002) and 'Don't Worry About Me' (2002).

Joey Russo

Instagram Influencer

Age : 18

The Instagram Star seen by audiences in the 'Jersey Boys' (2014).

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