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Johnny Depp

Movie Actor

Age :61

Johnny Depp, an acclaimed American actor, captivated audiences with his quirky roles, notably as Captain Jack Sparrow, leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood.

Johnny Knoxville

TV Actor

Age :53

Johnny Knoxville is best known as a co-creator and star of the MTV reality stunt show Jackass.

Johnny Cash

Country Singer

Age :71 (deceased)

Johnny Cash, the iconic "Man in Black," captivated audiences with his deep voice and introspective country music, leaving an indelible mark on the music world.

Johnny Orlando

Pop Singer

Age :21

Johnny Orlando is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for his catchy pop songs and social media presence.

Johnny Suh


Age :29

Johnny Suh co-founded South Korea's largest e-commerce company, Coupang, and served as its CEO.

Johnny Bananas

Reality Celebrity

Age :41

Johnny Bananas is a reality television personality known for his appearances on MTV's The Challenge.

Johnny Manziel

Football Player

Age :31

Johnny Manziel is a former football player who gained fame for his college career and being chosen in the NFL draft.

Johnny Gill

R&B Singer

Age :58

Johnny Gill is a Washington, D.C. R&B singer-songwriter and a leading member of the original soul boy band, New Edition.

Johnny Weir

Ice Skater

Age :39

Johnny Weir, a renowned American figure skater, captivates audiences with his artistry on ice and his charismatic presence off the rink.

Johnny Dang


Age :49

Johnny Dang is a Vietnamese American jeweler known for his custom grills and involvement in the American hip-hop scene.

Johnny Christ


Age :39

Johnny Christ is the bassist of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.

Johnny Tannerites


Age :44

Johnny Tannerites is the patriarch of the YouTube vlogging channel Tannerites, known for featuring his family of nine and having over 6 million subscribers.

Johnny Gaudreau

Hockey Player

Age :30

Nicknamed 'Johnny Hockey,' Johnny Gaudreau is a professional ice hockey winger known for winning the Hobey Baker Award in 2014.

Johnny Sexton

Rugby Player

Age :38

Johnny Sexton is an Irish professional rugby union player who is widely regarded as the greatest player in Irish rugby history.

Johnny Gargano


Age :36

Johnny Gargano is a professional wrestler known for his impressive career in WWE and his early start in the wrestling industry at the age of eight.

Johnny Bond


Age :11 (deceased)

Johnny Bond, also known as Bondy, is a guitarist best known for being the lead guitar player for Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Johnny Superbman

YouTube Star

Age :36

Johnny Superbman is a Canadian gamer known for his YouTube channel 2BCProductions2BC, which features gaming content from popular series such as EA's NHL, WWE 2k, Grand Theft Auto, and more. He has amassed over 300,000 subscribers on his channel.

Johnny Manuel

Pop Singer

Age :39

Johnny Manuel is a soulful pop singer who gained recognition for his rendition of Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' on America's Got Talent.

Johnny Marr


Age :60

Johnny Marr is a British guitarist and founding member of The Smiths. He is known for his unique style and considers himself a 'lifer' in the music industry.

Johnny Valentine


Age :72 (deceased)

Johnny Valentine was a professional wrestler with a career spanning almost three decades and has been inducted into four halls of fame for his achievements in wrestling.

Johnny Gilbert

TV Show Host

Age :99

Johnny Gilbert is best known as the announcer for the game show Jeopardy! since 1984.

Johnny Bench

Baseball Player

Age :76

Johnny Bench, an American professional baseball player, established himself as one of the game's finest catchers, winning 10 consecutive Gold Glove Awards and having an exceptional throwing arm.

Johnny Lowe

Celebrity Family Member

Age :28

Johnny Lowe, an Irish politician, served as a TD for Dublin South-East from 1997 to 2011. He held key ministerial positions in education, science, enterprise, trade, and employment.

Johnny Rebel

Country Singer

Age :77 (deceased)

Johnny Rebel, a white supremacist musician, gained notoriety for his racist music promoting segregation and white supremacy.

Johnny Smacks McMahon

YouTube Star

Age :33

Johnny Smacks McMahon, a renowned professional wrestler and promoter, gained fame in the WWF for his vibrant persona and iconic move, the "People's Elbow.".

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