Julia - Famous people named Julia

Julia Roberts

Movie Actress

Age : 53

The multi-awarded American actress and producer who rose to fame as Vivian Ward in 'Pretty Woman' (1990). She was noticed for appearing in the movie 'Hook' (1991) as well.

Julia Stiles

Movie Actress

Age : 39

The Movie Actress featured in the movie '10 Things I Hate About You' (1999). She took part in the making of the movie 'Hustlers' (2019) as well.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

TV Actress

Age : 59

One of the most awarded stars in the American TV history popular for her roles in the sitcoms 'Seinfeld' (1989-1998), 'Saturday Night Live' (1982-1985), and 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' (2006-2010). In addition, she spent time on the TV show 'Veep' (2012).

Julia Butters

TV Actress

Age : 11

The TV Actress seen by audiences in the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' (2019).

Julia Chow


Age : 30

The YouTube Star famed as a member of the online group 'Just Kidding Films'.

Julia Child


Age : 91 (deceased)

The iconic American TV chef and cookbook author famous for making French cuisine accessible to the mainstream Americans and one-half of the inspirations behind the film 'Julie and Julia' (2009).

Julia Rose

Reality Celebrity

Age : 26

The Movie Actress recognized for appearing in the TV shows House M.D.

Julia Tomasone

TV Actress

Age : 22

The TV Actress involved in the TV show 'Backstage' (2016).

Julia Montes

Movie Actress

Age : 25

The Movie Actress involved in the TV show 'Mara Clara' (2010).

Julia Carlile


Age : 18

The Dancer who performed as a part of the 'MerseyGirls'.

Julia Winter

Movie Actress

Age : 27

The Movie Actress seen by audiences in the 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (2005).

Julia Ormond

Movie Actress

Age : 55

The English actress popular for her performances in the films 'Sabrina' (1995), 'The Barber of Siberia' (1998), and 'Temple Grandin' (2010). In addition, she spent time on the TV show 'Mad Men' (2007).

Julia Dent Grant

First Lady

Age : 76 (deceased)

The devoted first lady and wife of the 18th US President Ulysses S.

Julia Ward Howe


Age : 91 (deceased)

The American abolitionist and social activist for women's suffrage who wrote 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' (1861).

Julia Volkova

Rock Singer

Age : 20

One-half of the teen 'lesbian' singing duo from Russia called t.A.T.u. In addition, she was known for spending time working with the band 't.A.T.u.'.

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