Leslie - Famous people named Leslie

Leslie Mann

Movie Actress

Age :52

Leslie Mann is an underrated comedic actress known for her iconic roles.

Leslie Odom Jr.

Stage Actor

Tony and Grammy Award-winning actor, singer, and songwriter, best known for his portrayal of Aaron Burr in the Broadway musical Hamilton.

Leslie Jones


Age :56

Leslie Jones is a popular comedian and actress known for her Emmy-nominated performances in a comedy series.

Leslie Hernandez

Instagram Influencer

Age :25

Leslie Hernandez is a Mexican-American singer and songwriter known for her hit single "No Me Ames" and collaborations with artists like Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony.

Leslie Grace

Pop Singer

Age :29

Leslie Grace is an American singer and actress, known for her roles in 'In the Heights' and the upcoming 'Batgirl' movie.

Leslie Contreras

Instagram Influencer

Age :25

Leslie Contreras is a Mexican-American artist and activist known for her large-scale murals depicting the Chicano community's struggles and triumphs.


Twitch Streamer

Age :31

Leslie Ann “Fuslie” Fu is a popular livestreamer on Twitch with over 1.2 million followers.

Leslie Chavez


Age :23

Leslie Chavez, a Mexican-American attorney, made history as the first Hispanic woman to serve as the 44th Treasurer of the United States from 2014 to 2017.

Leslie Nielsen

Movie Actor

Age :84 (deceased)

Leslie Nielsen, known for his comedic timing, starred in "Naked Gun" as the inept detective Frank Drebin, delivering hilarious one-liners.

Leslie Santos Diaz


Age :22

Leslie Santos Diaz is a Filipino social media sensation and member of the popular boy group Hype 5ive.

Leslie Grossman

TV Actress

Age :52

Leslie Grossman is an American actress known for her role as Mary Cherry in the TV series Popular.

Leslie Benzies

Game Designer

Age :53

Leslie Benzies is a Scottish video game producer and the former president of Rockstar North. He was the lead developer on the Grand Theft Auto series.

Leslie Mosier

Graphic Designer

Age :31

Leslie Mosier is a graphic designer and social media mogul known for managing the social media accounts of her pug, Doug The Pug, and publishing the book Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture.

Leslie Wai

YouTube Star

Age :34

Leslie Wai is a freelance filmmaker and internet personality known for his popular Vine account and YouTube channel featuring special effects and animation.

Leslie Jordan

TV Actor

Age :67 (deceased)

Leslie Jordan was a beloved comedian and actor known for his work on 'Will and Grace'.

Leslie Carter

Celebrity Family Member

Age :25 (deceased)

Leslie Carter was an aspiring pop singer and the sister of Nick and Aaron Carter. She had a record deal with Dreamworks Records but never released an album.

Leslie Marie Rosales

TikTok Star

Age :29

Leslie Marie Rosales, a Filipina-American boxer, made history as the first Filipina world boxing champion by winning the WBO female light flyweight title in 2021.

Leslie Hall


Leslie Hall is an American satirical rap artist and front-woman for the band Leslie and the LY's. She is best known for her YouTube hits like 'How We Go Out' and 'Tight Pants/Body Rolls'. She also operates a 'gem sweater museum'.

Leslie Priest


Age :40

Leslie Priest, an American engineer, is renowned for his pioneering work in developing the first artificial heart, the Jarvik-7, implanted in 1982.

Leslie Bibb

Movie Actress

Age :49

Leslie Bibb is an American actress known for her roles in television shows like The Big Easy and Popular, as well as films like Talladega Nights and Iron Man. She gained recognition after winning a modeling contest at the age of 16.

Leslie David Baker

TV Actor

Age :66

Leslie David Baker is an African-American actor known for playing Stanley Hudson on The Office and has appeared in other TV shows and movies.

Leslie Cheung

Movie Actor | Music Department | Soundtrack

Age :46 (deceased)

Leslie Cheung was a popular singer and actor, known as one of the founding fathers of Canto-pop. He released over 40 music albums and acted in 56 films.

Leslie Schofield

Movie Actor

Age :84

Leslie Schofield is an English actor known for his role as Jeff Healy in the soap opera EastEnders.

Leslie Ackerman

TV Actress

Age :67

Leslie Ackerman is a conceptual artist known for exploring identity, gender, and the body through unconventional materials and techniques.

Leslie Thompkins


Leslie Thompkins is a fictional character associated with Batman, known for her medical expertise and compassion towards Gotham's vulnerable population.

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