Nicole - Famous people named Nicole

Nicole Kidman

Movie Actress

Age : 53

The Oscar-winning star of 'The Hours' (2002), 'Moulin Rouge!' (2001), and 'Rabbit Hole' (2010) which earned her various nominations and recognition. She was featured in the movie 'Days of Thunder' (1990) as well.

Nicole Scherzinger

Pop Singer

Age : 42

The pop singer who participated in competition show 'Dancing with the Stars' (2010) and is seen by audiences in the film 'Moana' (2016). Not to mention, Nicole Scherzinger also joined the competition show 'The Masked Singer' as well.

Nicole Byer


Age : 34

The Comedian seen by followers on the 'Ladylike'involved in the TV show 'Nailed It!' (2018). Not to mention, Nicole Byer also had an involvement on the TV show 'Girl Code' (2013) as well.

Nicole Richie

Reality Celebrity

Age : 39

The TV personality who is Paris Hilton's co-star in the reality series 'The Simple Life'.

Nicole Laeno


Age : 15

The Dancer seen by followers on the 'Boss Cheer'.

Nicole Anderson

Instagram Influencer

Age : 19

The TV Actress recognized for appearing in the TV shows Make It or Break It (2009) and Ravenswood (2013).

Nicole Luellen


Age : 20

The YouTube Star famed as a member of the online group 'SevenSuperGirls'.

Nicole Franzel

Reality Celebrity

Age : 28

The Reality Star remembered for appearing on 'Big Brother'.

Nicole Valadez


Age : 18

The YouTube Star linked to the 'The Aguilars'.

Nicole García


Age : 20

The YouTube Star famed as a member of the online group 'Fraternidad X'.

Nicole Row


Age : 29

The Bassist admired by fans as a part of 'Panic! at the Disco'.

Nicole Williams


Age : 33

The Model seen by viewers on 'WAGS' (2015).

Nicole Maines

TV Actress

Age : 23

The TV Actress involved in the TV show 'Supergirl' (2015).

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