Taylor - Famous people named Taylor

Taylor Swift

Pop Singer

Age : 31

One of the pivotal figures of pop-country music who ranked first on the Forbes Celebrity 100 for 2016 and 2019. In addition, she was involved in the crafting the song 'Our Song' (2007).

Taylor Lautner

Movie Actor

Age : 28

The 'Twilight Saga' (2009-) star who ranked as the highest paid teenage Hollywood actor in 2010. Also made an appearance in the movie 'The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl' (2005).

Taylor Momsen

Rock Singer

Age : 27

The former teen actress-turned-rock singer of The Pretty Reckless who appeared on the television adaptation of the ‘Gossip Girl’ (2007-2012) as Jenny Humphrey. Moreover, Taylor Momsen drew attention through the movie 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' (2000) as well.

Taylor Dooley

Movie Actress

Age : 27

The Movie Actress who made an appearance in the 'The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl' (2005).

Taylor Schilling

TV Actress

Age : 36

The TV Actress recognized for joining 'Orange Is the New Black' (2013).

Taylor Kinney

TV Actor

Age : 39

The TV Actor seen by viewers on 'Chicago Fire' (2012).

Taylor Russell

TV Actress

Age : 26

The TV Actress seen by viewers on 'Lost in Space' (2018).

Taylor Gray

TV Actor

Age : 27

The TV Actor who joined the 'In the Vault'.

Taylor Spreitler

TV Actress

Age : 27

The TV Actress recognized for joining 'Days of Our Lives' (1965). Not to mention, Taylor Spreitler also made an impression on the TV show 'Kevin Can Wait' (2016) as well.

Taylor Alesia

Instagram Influencer

Age : 24

The stunning social media darling of the Instagram account tayloralesia.

Taylor Caniff

Instagram Influencer

Age : 24

The social media royalty who appeared as himself on the Netflix series 'Chasing Cameron' (2016 -), 'Astronaut's@' (2014), and the comedy talk show 'Chelsea' (2016-2017).

Taylor Hatala


Age : 17

The Dancer who participated in competition show 'World of Dance'linked to the 'Josh & Taylor'.

Taylor Yeager


Age : 12

The YouTube Star linked to the 'Shot of The Yeagers'.

Taylor Dye

Country Singer

Age : 25

One-half of the popular country music duo Maddie & Tae who got their big break with their debut track ’Girl in a Country Song’ (2014).

Taylor Harris


Age : 30

The YouTube Star who gained fans by playing 'Minecraft'.

Taylor Bouslog


Age : 18

The YouTube Star linked to the 'Taylor & Vanessa'.

Taylor Jasmine

Pop Singer

Age : 20

The Pop Singer involved in the TV show 'The Pop Game' (2017).

Taylor Selvaggi


Age : 22

The YouTube Star linked to the 'Keyondre and taylor'.

Taylor Selfridge

Reality Celebrity

Age : 26

The Reality Star involved in the TV show 'Are You the One?' (2014).

Taylor Shumway


Age : 15

The YouTube Star who is known to be a part of the 'THE SHUMWAY SHOW'.

Taylor Jauregui

Celebrity Family Member

Age : 19

The Family Member admired by fans as a part of 'Fifth Harmony'.

Taylor York


Age : 30

The Guitarist associated with 'Paramore'.

Taylor Hanson

Pop Singer

Age : 37

The Pop Singer famed as a member of the band 'Hanson'.

Taylor Davis


Age : 33

The American violinist who is most famous for posting violin covers of video game music on her YouTube channel.

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