Famous Names Ending with -imi

Mimi Rogers

Movie Actress

Age :67

The actress who played Mrs. In addition, she was remembered for joining the TV show 'Two and a Half Men' (2003).

Mimi Keene

TV Actress

Age :25

Mimi Keene is a British actress known for her role as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education.

Mimi Faust

Reality Celebrity

Age :53

Mimi Faust is an American reality television personality known for her role on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Mimi Drabik


Age :22

The YouTube Star who is known to be a part of the 'SevenSuperGirls'. Not to mention, Mimi Drabik was also linked to other members of the online group 'SevenPerfectAngels' as well.

Jimi Hendrix


Age :27 (deceased)

One of the most celebrated guitarists of all time behind the hits 'Purple Haze' (1967) and 'Hey Joe' (1966) whose mainstream career only lasted for four years and yet distinguished as the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music.



Age :15

MimiLandTV is a popular YouTube creator known for her entertaining challenge, craft, and sketch videos for children and teenagers, with over 5 million subscribers and 925 million views.

Mimi Ikonn


Age :34

Mimi Ikonn is an entrepreneur and YouTube sensation known for her hair and fashion tutorials.

Attamimi Halilintar


Age :29

Attamimi Halilintar is an Indonesian YouTuber, content creator, social media personality, actor, singer, and businessman. He is the first YouTuber in Southeast Asia to earn the Diamond Play Button.


TikTok Star

Age :15 (deceased)



Twitch Streamer

Age :31

AngelsKimi is a Korean-American gamer known for playing League of Legends and streaming on Twitch. She has been active for 1136 days and is currently streaming Hearthstone with an average of 1,082 viewers.

Jimi Jackson


Age :30

Jimi Jackson is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker popular on YouTube and Facebook, known for poking fun at Kiwi culture.

Kimi Raikkonen

Auto Racing Driver

Age :44

The NASCAR-competing driver who was one of the highest-paid sportsmen according to Forbes' 2009 list.


Business Figure

Age :34

Rotimi is a musician and actor known for his role on the TV show Boss and his music career with G-Unit Records.

Mimi XD


Age :53


Hi I’m Mimi


Age :22


Mimi Green

Instagram Influencer

Age :32


Kimi Hime

YouTube Star

Age :33

Gamer and tech influencer whose reviews, critiques and Let's Play videos have amassed her channel 900,000 subscribers and 61 million overall views.

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht

Movie Actor

Age :31

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is an actor and singer known for his role in Die Wilden Kerle and his albums Mission Blue and Sick Like That.

Mimi O’Neal

Celebrity Family Member

Age :22


Jimi Jamison

Pop Singer

Age :63 (deceased)

Jimi Jamison was an American singer best known as the lead vocalist for rock bands Target, Cobra, and Survivor. He performed hit songs like "Burning Heart" and "The Moment of Truth".


World Music Singer

Age :35

Simi is an Afro-pop vocalist known for her hit singles 'Tiff' and 'E No Go Funny.' She started singing at a young age and wrote her first song at 10.

Mimi Ryder

Stage Actress

Age :18


Mimi Perkins

Instagram Influencer

Age :23

Mimi Perkins is an Australian model who rose to fame thanks to her account on the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Jimi Mistry

Movie Actor


Mimi Imfurst

Reality Celebrity

Age :40

Mimi Imfurst is a drag queen, actor, comedian, and DJ known for competing on RuPaul's Drag Race and its spinoff, All Stars Drag Race.

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