Famous Names Starting with Riv-

River Phoenix

Movie Actor

Age :23 (deceased)

River Phoenix, an iconic actor, captivated audiences with his poignant performances, leaving an indelible mark on cinema despite his untimely demise.

River Bleu

Instagram Influencer

Age :22

River Bleu is a well-known social media influencer, Vine star, and actress from the United States. She gained popularity after appearing in an episode of the series 'Sam and Cat' in 2014.

Rivers Cuomo

Rock Singer

Age :50

Rivers Cuomo is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter of the rock band Weezer.

Riva Quenery


Age :25

Riva Quenery is a Filipino-American actress and model known for her roles in action films like "The Scorpion King" and "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift".

River Viiperi


Age :32

River Viiperi is a Spanish male model who is famous for his striking features and successful career in the fashion industry.

River Perkins

TikTok Star

Age :22

River Perkins is a skateboarding legend known for his unique style and technical tricks, and as the founder of the iconic brand "Bones Brigade".

River Woollard


Age :14

River Woollard is an Australian rules footballer for Richmond in the AFL, drafted in 2019 and made his debut in 2021.

River Shields

Movie Actor

Age :26

River Shields is an actor and director known for his roles in The Reunion, Doors, and T@gged.

River Grey

TikTok Star

Age :22

River Grey, a gifted pilot and crew member of Serenity, known for her exceptional skills and unwavering loyalty.

José Rivera


Age :69

José Rivera is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and director known for his influential works that have been produced and translated internationally.

A.J. Rivera

TV Actor

Age :36

A.J. Rivera is an actor, comedian, and writer known for his roles in "Crazy Rich Asians" and "The Half of It", as well as his stand-up comedy and work on "The Mindy Project".

River Alexander

Stage Actor

Age :21

River Alexander is an American stage and screen actor known for his roles in Billy Elliot The Musical and The Way, Way Back.

Angélica Rivera

Soap Opera Actress

Age :54

Angélica Rivera Hurtado is a Mexican singer, model, and telenovela actress who became the First Lady of Mexico from 2012 to 2018.

River Blackstock

Celebrity Family Member

Age :9

River Blackstock is a British actor known for his roles in "The Last Kingdom" and "The Spanish Princess".

Inés Rivero


Age :48

Inés Rivero is best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret lingerie model and is an advocate for women's health.


Soccer Player

Age :52

Rivaldo is a Brazilian former footballer who is considered one of the greatest players in Brazilian history.

River Robertson

Reality Celebrity

Age :15

River Robertson, a trailblazing transgender athlete, gained prominence as the first openly transgender player in NCAA Division I football, inspiring inclusivity and courage in sports.

Clouseau’s Rival


Charles Dreyfus, Clouseau's rival, is a police chief inspector known for his attempts to sabotage Clouseau's investigations and claim credit for his successes.

River Ward


American professional wrestler and valet, best known for her time in WWE.

River Pirate Leader


Zheng Yi Sao was a formidable Chinese pirate leader in the early 19th century, commanding a vast fleet and striking fear in her adversaries.

River Tam


River Tam, a complex character in Firefly, is a former assassin with latent telepathic abilities, making her a valuable asset to the Serenity crew.

River Scott


River Scott, born in 1976, is an acclaimed American artist known for his large-scale metal sculptures exploring nature, spirituality, and human emotion.



Riverwind is a Native American musician who fuses traditional Native American music with contemporary genres, creating a unique sound that captivates audiences.

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