Billie Joe Armstrong


A punk rock icon from California best known for being the co-founder, songwriter, and lead guitarist of the popular band Green Day.

Profession :

Rock Singer

Birthday :

February 17, 1972

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

Oakland, California, United States

Billie Joe Armstrong is known for his trademark black shirt and red necktie when performing on stage. Apart from serving as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of Green Day, he has also collaborated with many artists including Lonely Island, The Go-Go’s, and Norah Jones. He and Jones released their album ‘foreverly’ (2013), which is a collection of traditional songs and their reinterpretation of The Everly Brothers’ ‘Songs Our Daddy Taught Us’ (1958) album. Armstrong ranked on the first spot on Kerrang!’s Readers Choice Award’s 50 Sexiest People in Rock list and 25th on Gibson’s Top Frontmen of All Time.

Armstrong also ventured into different businesses. He co-founded a rock and punk rock record label called Adeline Records. He also launched a guitar shop called Broken Guitars and opened a coffee company named Oakland Coffee Works.

Blue was his nickname since he was 11. He also shared the nickname with his first electric guitar, a Fernandes Stratocaster. He is also known by the other nicknames Fink, Wilhelm Fink, and Reverend Strychnine Twitch.

In the book ‘The Ginger Survival Guide’, he was tagged as a ‘ginger traitor’ for dyeing his natural ginger locks.