Judy Garland


The American star who rose to fame for portraying Dorothy Gale in 'The Wizard of Oz' (1939). She was noticed for appearing in the movie 'Judgment at Nuremberg' (1961) as well.

Profession :

Movie Actress

Birthday :

June 10, 1922

Star Sign :


Death Date:

June 22, 1969

Age :


Birthplace :

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Judy Garland was best remembered for her role as Dorothy Gale in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939). Her success in the movie industry produced some of the best known films including ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ (1944), ‘The Harvey Girls’ (1946), ‘A Star Is Born’ (1954), and ‘Summer Stock’ (1950). She also hosted her own TV show ‘The Judy Garland Show’ (1963-1964).

The actress got her stage first name after the popular 30’s song ‘Judy.’ Garland was used for her stage surname after film critic Robert Garland.