Famous Soap Opera Actresses

The content and style of soap operas have changed dramatically - from the typical narrative about an all-white middle-class family in the 1930s to characters with multi-racial backgrounds and storylines on current issues. Moreover, initially, actresses were confined to motherly roles, whereas now they have more diverse roles.
Kelly Monaco

Soap Opera Actress

Age : 43

The actress who appeared on the soap opera 'General Hospital' who also won the first season of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Joan Collins

Soap Opera Actress

Age : 86

The ageless English star of the soap opera 'Dynasty' (1980), 'The Opposite Sex' (1956), and 'Esther and the King' (1960)

Mary Crosby

Soap Opera Actress

Age : 60

The actress who portrayed the role of Kristin Sheppard where her character shot J.R. in the soap opera 'Dallas'

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