Abelardo Vázquez

The guitarist admired by fans for working with 'Vázquez Sounds'.

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Birthday :

December 23, 1995

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Abelardo Vázquez is a talented guitarist and member of the Mexican musical trio Vázquez Sounds, alongside his siblings Gustavo and Angela. The group gained fame with their cover of Adeles Rolling in the Deep, which garnered over 260 million YouTube views. Abelardo also plays bass, piano, harmonica, accordion, and ukulele in the band. Other notable works include their covers of Let It Be, I Want You Back, The Show, and Forget You.
One interesting fact about Abelardo Vázquez, Guitarist, is that he and his siblings, Gus and Angie, are children of music producer Abelardo Vázquez, who has worked with popular Mexican bands like Reik, Nikki Clan, and Camila. Vázquez Sounds, their music group, uses their own recording studio to record and edit their music.