Alex Shepherd

Alex Shepherd, the protagonist of 'Silent Hill: Homecoming', is a U.S. soldier who confronts monsters and family secrets in a nightmarish Shepherd's Glen.

Profession :


Persona :


Universe :

Silent Hill

Birthplace :

Silent Hill, West Virginia, United States

Alex Shepherd, born in Shepherd’s Glen, Maine, is a renowned geneticist and professor at Harvard Medical School. After a troubled childhood, he found solace in nature and excelled academically, earning a scholarship to Harvard. His groundbreaking research on the genetic basis of schizophrenia has led to significant advancements in the field. Alex has received prestigious awards, including the National Medal of Science and the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences. He is married to fellow scientist Sarah Jones and is dedicated to his family and social justice. An avid hiker, musician, and philosophy enthusiast, Alex continues to inspire and contribute to the scientific community.

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