Billie Holiday

The popular jazz singer known as 'Lady Day' who won four Grammy Awards in Best Historical Album and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1973.

Birth Name :

Eleanora Fagan

Profession :

Jazz Singer

Birthday :

April 7, 1915

Star Sign :


Death Date:

July 17, 1959

Age :


Birthplace :

Baltimore, Maryland

Billie Holiday was considered one of the greatest jazz voices of all time. She was famously known as the vivacious American jazz and swing singer highly regarded for her improvisational skills and unique soulful voice. Among her famous hits were ‘Gloomy Sunday’ (1941), ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ (1944), and ‘Blue Moon’ (1952).

She adopted the stage name Billie from the silent movie superstar named Billie Dove.

Holiday aspired to become a dancer while working as a floor scrubber in a brothel. She became a singer by chance when an audition pianist asked if she could sing.