Breanne Barry

Breanne Barry is a two-time Canadian Junior Curling Champion known for her exceptional curling skills and strategic gameplay.

Profession :

TikTok Star

Birthday :

February 7, 2009

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

United States

Breanne Barry, born on February 11, 2002, rose to fame as a TikTok star, captivating audiences with her engaging lip-sync videos. Her popularity soared with her YouTube tutorial titled “How To Make Slow Motion Hair Flip Videos On Tik Tok,” which garnered over 100,000 views. Since then, she has expanded her content to include entertaining vlogs and informative fact videos, often collaborating with her sister, Brooke Barry.

Beyond her TikTok and YouTube success, Breanne has ventured into other creative endeavors. She has showcased her acting skills in short films and music videos, demonstrating her versatility as a performer. Additionally, she has launched her own clothing line, combining her passion for fashion with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Breanne’s talent and dedication have garnered recognition from the industry. In 2020, she received a Shorty Award nomination in the category of Best TikTok Comedian. Her influence extends beyond social media, as she has been featured in renowned publications such as Teen Vogue and The New York Times.

Outside of her professional achievements, Breanne is known for her genuine connection with her fans. She openly shares aspects of her personal life, including her relationships, family, and mental health journey, fostering a sense of relatability and trust with her audience.

Beyond her social media presence, Breanne is a multi-talented individual. She possesses a melodious voice and has released original songs on her YouTube channel. Her adventurous spirit has led her to explore over 20 countries, and she is an ardent animal lover, sharing her life with two dogs and a cat. Furthermore, her dancing prowess has earned her accolades in dance competitions.

Breanne Barry continues to shine as a multifaceted entertainer. Her authenticity, creativity, and unwavering passion captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying her status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

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