Clint Eastwood

The award-winning star of the 'Dirty Harry' films in the 70s and 80s and was awarded the Legion of Honour medal in 2007. In addition, he took part in the making of the movie 'Million Dollar Baby' (2004).

Birth Name :

Clint Eastwood, Jr.

Profession :

Movie Actor

Birthday :

May 31, 1930

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

San Francisco, California

Clint Eastwood’s prowess in directing, co-producing, and scoring rose in his 2004 film, ‘Million Dollar Baby’, which he also starred as Frankie Dunn. As a director, he is famous for his keenness to shoot with only one take. He is known to banning Coca Cola on his set, after its acquisition of Columbia Studios. The film company produced ’The Karate Kid’ (1984), which was said top have that rejected his son, Kyle Eastwood, for the lead role as Daniel LaRusso.

Named after his father, Eastwood’s name is an anagram for ’old west action’. In 2001, the British virtual band Gorillaz released a single after his name.

He used to work as a swimming instructor, lumberjack, forest firefighter, nightclub bouncer, and steelworker after graduating high school. This accomplished jazz pianist is known to be an avid fan and attendee of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.