Idina Menzel


The classically-trained stage actress famous for lending the voice of Elsa and singing the award-winning song, 'Let It Go' (2013), of the phenomenal animated musical film 'Frozen' (2013). Moreover, Idina Menzel showcased abilities and talent in the Broadway show 'Wicked'.

Profession :

Stage Actress

Birthday :

May 30, 1971

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Age :


Birthplace :

New York City, New York, United States

Idina Menzel is an American stage actress and classically trained mezzo-soprano songstress. Before becoming famous, she explored different genres from jazz to rock and also worked as a wedding singer. She gained prominence with the original portrayal of her first Tony-awarded role, Elphaba Thropp, in the Broadway musical ‘Wicked’ (2003-2005). She received additional awards and nominations for her acting in the musicals ‘If/Then’ (2014-2015), ‘See What I Wanna See’ (2005), and ‘Rent’ (1994-1996).

Menzel is regarded for her distinct vocal technique and divulged that when singing, she abstains from any shoulder movements. Afterward, she would take ‘a smaller breath for a bigger, longer note because there’s less air that will come pummeling out,’ she noted in her interview on Philippine Star.

Additionally, Menzel is best remembered for lending her voice to Queen Elsa, the main character of the iconic Disney musical fantasy film series, ‘Frozen’ (2013).

She altered her birth surname Mentzel to Menzel. Her name is pronounced ‘Ih-DEE-nah men-ZELL.’