John Deacon

The former bass guitarist of the prominent rock band Queen who co-wrote 'Under Pressure' (1981).

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Birthday :

August 19, 1951

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Oadby, England

John Deacon is a retired musician, who rose to prominence as the basis for the British rock band ‘Queen’. Early in his career, he joined the band ‘The Opposition’ at the age of 14. He learned to play the bass guitar while staying in the band after the original bassist got fired. He remained in the band for four years before continuing his college study. John Deacon received a First Class Honours degree in Electronics in 1971 from Chelsea College in London. Later on, he joined ‘Queen’ and has composed several songs for the group including the hits ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ and ‘One Vision’. After the death of Queen’s lead singer, he only performed sporadically with the remaining members. After recording the song ‘No One but You (Only the Good Die Young)’ in 1997, he has not performed on any projects since.