Johnny Greenwood

The lead guitarist and keyboardist of the American rock band Radiohead who did the song 'Creep' (1992).

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Oxford, England

Jonny Greenwood rose to prominence as Radiohead’s lead guitarist and keyboardist. He is critically recognized for his assertive guitar style in their chart-topping debut single ‘Creep’ (1992). The renowned artist made a career out of film composing on the side, notably for Thomas Anderson films. In addition to that, he also composed for the well-known films ‘The Master’ (2012), ‘Phantom Thread’ (2017), and ‘You Were Never Really Here’ (2017).

Originally, the trained violist was signed up by Radiohead as the band’s harmonica player. Although he succeeded as the band’s lead guitarist, he has always hated guitar solos. ‘There’s nothing worse than hearing someone cautiously going up and down the scales of their guitar. You can hear them thinking about what the next note should be, and then out it comes. It’s more interesting to write something that doesn’t outstay its welcome.’