Julia Roberts

The multi-awarded American actress and producer who rose to fame as Vivian Ward in 'Pretty Woman' (1990). She was noticed for appearing in the movie 'Hook' (1991) as well.

Profession :

Movie Actress

Birthday :

October 28, 1967

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

Smyrna, Georgia

Julia Roberts has trademarked herself in the celebrity world through her role in ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990). She was considered as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood throughout the 90s. Some of her box-office hits are ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ (1997), ‘Steel Magnolias’ (1989), and ‘Notting Hill’ (1999).

While she was shooting ‘Eat Pray Love’ (2010), Swami Daram Dev of Ashram Hari Mandir (the religious leader of a local Hindu community) gave her kids some names after Hindu gods. ‘Laxmi’ was given to Hazel, ‘Ganesh’ for Phinnaeus, and ‘Krishna Balram’ for Henry.

The actress wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up. Later on, her signature smile was insured for thirty million dollars.