Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed gained recognition for her role as Rosalie Hale in "Twilight" and has since expanded her career as a versatile actress, screenwriter, director, and musician.

Profession :

Movie Actress

Birthday :

May 17, 1988

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

Los Angeles, California, United States

American actress, screenwriter, and singer Nikki Reed rose to fame for her portrayal of Rosalie Hale in the renowned “Twilight” film series. Beyond acting, she co-wrote the acclaimed movie “Thirteen,” drawing inspiration from her own life experiences. Reed’s filmography includes notable works such as “Lords of Dogtown,” “Mini’s First Time,” and the TV series “Sleepy Hollow.”

An ardent animal rights activist, Reed collaborates with organizations like PETA and Best Friends Animal Society. Her passion extends to music, as she released an EP titled “I’m Not Falling” and collaborated with musicians, including her husband, Paul McDonald.

In 2023, Reed continues to captivate audiences with her diverse talents, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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