Rachel Ballinger

The witty American YouTuber-turned-book author of '101 Things That Piss Me Off' (2017).

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April 5, 1991

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Santa Barbara, California, United States

Rachel Ballinger is a California-based online content creator, podcaster, and book writer. She hails from a family of content creators, therefore sharing the spotlight with her equally famous older YouTuber siblings Colleen (aka Miranda Sings), Trent, and Chris Ballinger. She created her first YouTube account, NOVAQUA, in 2006 and has amassed over 2.7 million subscribers and 645,000,000 views in mid-2020. She is widely regarded for her hilarious interactive segments like ‘Rachel’s Room’, ‘Learning Sundays’, and ‘Random Tuesdays.’ In 2014, she launched her second YouTube channel where she posts her daily vlogs under the account MsRBaller.

She aspired to become a CSI spy when she was young.