Sandra Bullock

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The highest-paid American actress in 2010 and 2014 widely known for her performances in 'Speed' (1994), 'The Proposal' (2009), 'Gravity' (2013), and 'Miss Congeniality (2000)'. She took part in the making of the movie 'Bird Box' (2018) as well.

Profession :

Movie Actress

Birthday :

July 26, 1964

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

Arlington, Virginia

Sandra Bullock has earned her reputation in the acting industry by starring in several high-grossing romantic comedy films. Some of these works include ‘While You Were Sleeping’ (1995), ‘Miss Congeniality’ (2000), and ‘The Proposal’ (2009). On the other hand, Bullock also starred in movies outside the rom-com genre, such as the thriller ‘Premonition’ (2007) and ‘Bird Box’ (2018), with the latter receiving praise and positive reviews from the press.

Before she started in her career, she supported herself with jobs like bartending, cocktail waitressing, and coat checking.