Tara Strong

The popular voice actress of 'Teen Titans Go! (2013-) trademarked for voicing young male characters in different cartoons. Moreover, Tara Strong was remembered for appearing on the TV show 'My Little Pony' (2010) as well.

Profession :

Voice Actress

Birthday :

February 12, 1973

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Age :


Birthplace :

Toronto, Canada

Tara Strong was a well-respected voice-over actress for animated films, television, and video games. She was renowned for her contributions to ‘Powerpuff Girls’ (1998-2005) as Bubbles, ‘Rugrats’ (1991-2004) as Dil Pickles, and ‘Teen Titans’ (2003-2006) as Raven. She also lent her voice to the English versions of the Japanese anime ‘Spirited Away’ (2011) and ‘Princess Mononoke’ (1997). She shared that of all her projects, her voice roles in ‘The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea’ (2000) and ‘Drawn Together’ (2004) were two of her ultimate favorites.

She once advised aspiring voice artists to start as early as you can and to ‘Make tapes of your characters.’ She also added, ‘Whenever you do an animated project or a voice-over project, it’s inevitable that part of your personality comes into play.’

Prior to professionally acquiring her husband’s surname, she was credited as Tara Lyn Charendoff.

Before becoming famous, she shared a place with Neve Campbell.