Tori Kelly


The American pop singer and record producer behind the two-time Grammy Award-winning studio album, ’Hiding Place’ (2018), who is known for her emotive and gospel-centric music.

Profession :

Pop Singer

Birthday :

December 14, 1992

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

Wildomar, California, United States

Tori Kelly is a Los Angeles-based pop singer and record producer who found fame as a contestant on ’Star Search’ (2003), ‘America’s Most Talented Kid’ (2004), and ‘American Idol’ (2010). She is widely regarded for her powerful presence on the web with over 2.8 million subscribers and 535 million views. She also gained considerable fame with her music videos of ’Dear No One’ (2013) with 49 million views, ’Should’ve Been Us’ (2015) with 48 million views, and ‘All In My Head’ with 36 million views on her self-named YouTube channel in mid-2020.