YuB is an American YouTuber known for his gaming videos and Checkin' the YuBreddit show.

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June 29, 1987

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United States

YuB, a renowned YouTube personality and entertainer, is celebrated for his humorous commentary and Let’s Play videos. As of September 2023, he boasts over 185 million subscribers, making him the most-subscribed individual on the platform. His engaging and amusing approach to gaming has garnered him a substantial following, with his channel featuring various game genres, including horror and indie titles. YuB is also recognized for his participation in charity streams, collaborations with fellow YouTubers, and his genuine personality.

Some of his notable works and accomplishments include:

1. “Checkin’ the YuBreddit” – A show in which YuB explores his own subreddit.
2. Vlogs – YuB initially focused on vlogging when he launched his channel in 2005.
3. Skating – YuB is passionate about skating.
4. Collaborations – YuB has worked with other YouTube creators on a variety of projects.
5. Charity streams – YuB has taken part in charity streams to raise funds for various causes.

An interesting fact about YuB is that he is an American YouTuber who gained fame through his gaming videos and the Checkin’ the YuBreddit show. He began his channel in 2005 and has a keen interest in skating.

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