The critically praised star of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' (2017) dubbed as a 'scene stealer' and 'MVP' of the film. Moreover, Zendaya also had an involvement on the TV show 'K.C. Undercover' (2015).

Profession :

Movie Actress

Birthday :

September 1, 1996

Star Sign :


Age :


Birthplace :

Oakland, California, United States

Zendaya had no clue that she was auditioning for the role of Michelle in the film ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (2017). It was only revealed to her when she got accepted for the role which she initially thought of as a random high school comedy acting gig. Later that year, the sought-after actress gained further acclaim as the trapeze artist and love interest of Zac Efron in the blockbuster musical film ‘The Greatest Showman.’ She was also one of the ambassadors of the non-profit organization Convoy of Hope. On her 18th birthday, she led a campaign that fed over 150 kids in the Philippines, Tanzania, and Haiti.

Before her rise to stardom, she first appeared as a child model and back-up dancer.