Girl Names Ending with -lsa

-lsa names for baby girls, with 10 entries. -lsa names are somewhat popular as baby girl names. The names' popularity has been growing since the 1940s. Their usage peaked recently in 2014 with 0.058% of baby girls being given -lsa names. Within the top 1000 baby names then, there was 1 -lsa name. In 2018, their usage was 0.016% with 1 -lsa name listed among the top 1000.

island of Alfsigr, of a noble kind, ... of Old Norse and Germanic origin ... familiar form of Alice ...
ship, victory ... language of origin is Old English and it is ... derivative of Kelsey ...
landing place for chalk or limestone ... language of origin is Old English and it is ... variation of Chelsea ...
language of origin is varied ... form of Delsie ... not popular as a baby name for girls ...
of a noble kind, noble, honorable, ... origin of Ellsa is the Germanic and Hebrew ...
God is perfection, God is my oath, ... an English, Scandinavian, Spanish, ... derivative of Alice ...
God is perfection, God is my oath, ... largely used in the Scandinavian and English ...
God is perfection, God is my oath ... language of origin is Hebrew and it is used ... form of Elizabeth ...
ship, victory ... origin is Old English ... shortening of Kelsey ... not often used as a baby girl name ...
victor of the people ... of Old Greek origin and it is used mainly in ... form of Nicola ...
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conqueror (1)
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lioness (1)
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