Girl Names of Tamil language or origin

Tamil names for baby girls, with 9 entries. Tamil names are uncommon as baby girl names. Tamil names are not listed within the top 1000.

lively ... language of origin is Tamil and it is also ... a rare baby girl name ...
queen of compassion ... primarily used in Tamil and its ... not often used as a baby girl name ...
virgin queen ... primarily used in the Tamil ... an unusual baby name for girls ...
beautiful, the beauty, God was gracious, God has shown favor, friendly, flowery, blossom, hunger, lamb, one, wood, clearing, meadow, one, only, hermitage, solitary ...
righteous woman ... has its origins in the Tamil language and it ... uncommon as a baby girl name ...
beautiful ... language of origin is Tamil ... a seldom used baby name for girls ...
a cicada, pitch dark, champion, ... has its origins in the African-Mende, ... variation of Neilina ...
a love growing into a wish to please ... language of origin is Sanskrit, and it is used ...
source of knowledge ... origin and use are both in the Tamil language ... unusual as a baby girl name ...
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tamil (9)
english (2)
indian (2)
sanskrit (2)
armenian (1)
celtic (1)
hawaiian (1)
mende (1)
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fair (2)
queen (2)
dark (1)
heart (1)
holy (1)
honey (1)
powerful (1)
pure (1)
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